About HAP

The mission is to help healthcare organizations to clearly see patients, hospital internal process, employees, and stakeholders through data captured in day-to-day operational processes. HAP is engineered to achieve specific goals in key performance indicating areas, viz-revenue, cost, and customer experience.

HAP Supports Five Functional Areas:
  • Service Planning- Reports to aid better patient service. Ex: Average length of report, Bed occupancy report.
  • Billing- Reports to aid efficient billing. Ex: Average treatments costs report, Payer mix report.
  • Finance- Reports to aid efficient financial planning. Ex: Capital expenditure report, EBITDA margin report.
  • Human Resources- Reports to aid efficient human resource management. Ex:Over time cost analysis report, Incident rate report.
  • Marketing- Reports to aid efficient marketing planning. Ex: Corporate tie-up's report, Revenue generated report.

These reports enable decision makers to reduced cost, improve revenue and enhance customer experience.


Analytics For Hospital

Global healthcare spending is projected to reach 8.7 trillion dollars by the year 2020 worldwide. Healthcare is moving from standard survey methods to algorithms and graph analytics based methods. For instance, healthcare data analytics can enable decision making in the five functional areas for the following situations::

    Service Planning
  • Generates an average length of stay for a particular type of patients.

  • Billing
  • Provides treatment cost for a service.

  • Finance
  • Forecasts capital expenditure.

  • Human Resource
  • Monitors the incident rate of the employees.

  • Marketing
    • Gives the overview of revenue generated by the sales team.
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Customer Journey

Global healthcare spending is projected to reach 8.7 trillion dollars by the year 2020 worldwide.
Healthcare is also moving from standard regression-based methods to more future-oriented like predictive analytics, machine learning and graph analytics for insights based decision making supported by data. For instance, healthcare data analytics can be used for the following situations::

  • Predict daily patients’ walk-ins to tailor staffing accordingly.
  • Prevent unnecessary re-visits.
  • Enhance patient engagement in their health.
  • Reduced fraud and enhance data security.
  • To use data for better informed strategic planning.

HAP Features

HAP Improves customer experience, Operational efficiency and outcomes:

With the increase in demand for analytics, exceptional healthcare experience can be provided by monitoring, analyzing and improving services in new ways. Analytics help to improve patient care quality and safety by giving professionals immediate access to consolidated diagnostic information, which reduces opportunities for medical errors. Below are the functional and non-functional features of HAP:

Functional Features
  • Integrates with various data sources.
  • It is a web-based system.
  • Gives insights through real-time reports in various functional areas.
Non-Functional Features
  • Customized reports to the end user.
  • Gives overview (Dashboard View) of the hospital/organization performance.
  • Supports strategy planning and decision making.

Business Benefits

Hospitals can benefit tremendously from HAP reports (which capture industry experts’ knowledge/wisdom) by implementing control activities in five functional areas. Following are the five functional areas:

    Service Planning
  • Provides insights to improve patient wellness and experience.
  • Billing
  • Gives a transparent view of the billing process to the customer as well as management.
  • Finance
  • Enables better financial planning and cash flow management.
Human Resource
  • Tracks employee performance and engagement.
  • Gives the overview of revenue generated by the sales team.

Customer Engineering

Combining on-floor data with advanced analytics unlock new approaches to monitoring and maintenance, adapting to dynamic conditions, predicting accidents and recommending preventive/prescriptive actions.

    Service Planning
  • Automated reports can be blended and arranged to correlate with the suitable processes of the hospital.
  • Billing
  • There will be zero fraudulent cases and duplicate entries during billing.
  • Finance
  • We will provide assistance to upload data in the right template for financial forecasting.
  • Human Resource
  • We train staff on HAP software and installation procedure.
  • Marketing
  • Sales targets and revenue numbers entered by sales representative will be safe and secure.


HAP is built specially for healthcare professionals and serves as the cornerstone of functional areas marketing intelligence. Data integration, data, and semantic layer combine the deepest marketing expertise it has easy extensibility to strike the perfect balance between automation and customization. Connecting and unifying all of the user platforms, tools and reports in one place become simple with smart assistive HAP technology.

  • Data engineering - Mining, storage, and reports mechanisms.
  • Analytics modeling - AI, forecasting and others.
  • Validation and testing - Verification and on ground checks followed by iterations.
  • Deployment and business operations - Implementation, customization and support.


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